Eelavar Cinearts Council

Tamiliam Subas was praised by Eelavar Cinearts Council for Winning award for “Vanni Mouse” at the 11th International Film Festival in Bangladesh 2010.

The event was organised by Eelavar Cinearts Council, founded by Barrister S.J.Joseph. This well-attended event was presided over by veteran broadcaster and senior solicitor Wimal Sockanathan. Several speakers, including dramatist and broadcaster Mr.Tarcicious, film citic Yamuna Rajendran, solicitor Mr.Yogaratnam, poet, writer and broadcater Mrs. Navajothy Yogaratnam, Deepam T.V presenters M.N.M Annas , Rajitha Sam. Barrister and broadcaster Peter Jesuthas proposed the Vote of Thanks.

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