Vanni Mouse Screening

Vanni Mouse Screening: Kosovo 05 August, Kino në Kala, 20:15. Under Category: Short Film Competition


Director: Tamiliam Subas
Producer: Piratheesan Raveenthiran
Cinematographer: Tamiliam Subas
Sound: Tamiliam Subas

Director’s Biography

A film director, screenwriter, cinematographer and film producer,      he works in the Tamil Diaspora film industry, directing and producing a  number of films.

Festivals and Awards:

Vibgyor International Film Festival 2010, India. The European    Independent Film Festival 2010, France. Best fiction award – 11th International Short and Independent Film Festival (ISIFF) Dhaka 2010, Bangladesh. Best Critic Award – 8th International Tamil Film Festival 2010, Canada. Special Prize – Tamil Film Festival 2010, Norway. Special prize – Periyar Short Film Festival 2009, India.

Tamiliam Subas, Norway, 200935mm, Colour, 10′

“Vanni Mouse” is a short film following the journey of two mice that flew from the wood of Vanni. The two inseparable couple end unfortunately in an internment camp (Manik Farm), located in Vavuniya (Sri Lanka) where hundreds of thousands Tamils are imprisoned by the Sri Lankan government. These two mice witness the tragedy of many innocent civilians behind the barbed wires – the unspoken truth. Whether the two will escape from the terrifying environment is the climax of this short film.

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